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  Louise Peacock Bio
Louise developed an interest in the arts at an early age, but she never really pursued the creative urge until several years ago when she began to render garden designs in water colour.  She now also works in pen and ink and with a variety of subjects, including pet portraits, landscapes, plants, still-life and street scenes. She likes painting in an abstract style, and from time to time likes to be completely and wildly abstract.
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Louises' work is currently on display in "Aggregation 2", the ALFEW exhibit in the Meeting room at
The Grange
1921  Dundas Street West
Mississauga, Ont.
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Photo Slide Show
Louise has been taking photos for years, she loves to capture plants and animals, and she likes to use some photos for computer art.
Pen and Ink studies
Louise's pen and ink work is mostly of performing musicians, picturedabovet is the legendary Nash the Slash, while performing at The Rivoli in Toronto.
Sketch and Painting slide Show
Louise enjoys music, and she loves the musicians. To show how much she enjoys what they do, she creates pen and ink studies of her musical friends as they perform. The result is lively, quick studies that capture the essence of each performer.
AcrylicGreen Alien The bright, glowing colours of acrylic attract Louise when she's feeling abstract. She feels the need to express her moods in various colours, which makes for some interesting results.
Watercolour Painting Louise only paints that which moves her. She loves to do pet portraits and garden scenes. Whenever she does a garden design, Louise likes to create a realistic picture of what the design will actually look like. Using soft, pastel shades she translates the hard, technical lines of the plan view landscape design drawing into a recognizable future look for the homeowner.
Computer Art

The computer has provided Louise with an unlimited supply of tools with which to create art, and she does this with great enjoyment.
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