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Kris St. Louis is an amazing singer/songrwiter/guitar player. Her vocal range is quite phenomenal, and her singing style varies to suit whatever genre she is performing - from blues to jazz.  She recently released an album called "Boss of Love" with mostly original songs. The CD is great. The variety of material is excellent and the production quality is high.
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From long time friend, Lily Sazz: 

"Kris St. Louis, Canadian guitar player/singer/songwriter and most spiritual diva woman passed away May 9th at 7am in hospital with her husband Terry at her side. She fought a brave battle against cancer that was no less than heroic, and as you will see by the letter I will post below, she would prefer that we refer to her in the present tense, but I must selfishly admit that I will miss her dearly, as I'm sure many of you will." "The letter below was sent to me by Kris herself back in February, along with a list of people she asked me to contact personally, and read it to them. I think she wouldn't mind if I posted it below, since her own words can say it all better than I ever could." Letter

Date  Place and Time
May 15, 1999 A service and a party/jam was held for Kris at Trinity Anglican Church in Simcoe on Saturday May 15th at 11am followed by a luncheon. 
May 15/2000 A special Blues Kitchen party/jam was held to celebrate Kris. We held it in the evening, starting 7:00 p.m. 

We had it at The Black Horse Restaurant and Bar, at 928 Bloor Street West, Toronto. We were a small group but a happy one. Beloved Blues DJ John Valentyne was the MC and we were happy to have Bluesman Brian Cober join us. A few other musician folks dropped by and joined in, and we all had a wonderful evening.

For more details, please contact wezel@wezel.com 

July 27/2002 Although we missed a party in 2001 and 2002, Kris was not forgotton. during that time and thanks to my dearest Kris, I finally got the guts to record some of my songs. A 4 song demo is finished and we are working on more songs. Thank-you Kris, without you I would never have done it.  I hope to have a party for you in May 2003 to celebrate you, to celebrate music and to celebrate the great love that exists.

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May 2003
Slow to post this, but we did have an event May 9, 2003 which I dedicated to Kris.  We had a great time and played lots of blues, and sent out prayers to Kris.
Feb 2009

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Wow! I can't believe how time passes. This Spring I will be FINALLY recording a blues CD of all original material, I would never have got this far without Kris inspiring me.  She is a high standard to emulate!
Jan 2011
Well, once again time has flown by. Finally - December 2009, we released our Blues CD, with Tony Quarrington, Tony Laviola, Terry Martell and myself - I think Kris would approve.  Production was amazing, the band is first rate and the songs are all original. Without the inspiration I received from Kris, I would never have completed this project.

What People are Saying about Kris

Peter Knorn, Event Records:

"...This disc is being distributed in Europe now, and listeners in the United States may be hearing more and more of her in the future.  In this critics opinion, that would add an excellent musician and composer to the ranks, with a likable and substantial talent that is just beginning to really make it's mark."

Fan: "Such a talent - we follow her around all over the place."

Steven Ambrose, Singer/Entertainer/Artist (Extra-terrestrial): "She's wonderful - I love her"

See also the Guest Book for some lovely comments....

From long time friend, Lily Sazz: 

... "The letter below was sent to me by Kris herself back in February, along with a list of people she asked me to contact personally, and read it to them. I think she wouldn't mind if I posted it below, since her own words can say it all better than I ever could."

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A letter from Kris
 First of all Kris wants you to know how much she loves you and how much joy and love you brought into her life. She learned so much from those who surrounded her. You know Kris, and how spiritual she is.....and please note how I say ..."she is"....Kris doesn't believe in death...only life.....and right now she is ALIVE and doing well only in another dimension. 

Please don't talk about her in the "past tense".....she still "is", so please talk about her in the NOW. This is something that bothers her more than you'll ever know.....She once said..."if anyone speaks of me in the past tense I'll come back and haunt them! "

Kris has asked me to pass this along to you.....in lue of donations to the Cancer Society (which she didn't really believe in totally)....she believes that donations to Camp Trillium ( this is a camp for kids with cancer)....or to the local humane society would be appropriate... especially the animals, they are such loves of hers. 

There will be information there at the funeral home for those that want to do something like this. Now flowers.....You're not supposed to do this, like favour a particular shop…but she does!..Her girlfriend...Ann Musselman from Flowers by Ann in Port Dover...she'd like her to get the business..You can reach Ann at 1-800-701-2811...or 583-0973 

Kris also hates the word wake....so we'll be using the word PARTY....Kris is just smiling as I say this to you. Musicians that come to the party...please bring your instrument and there is gonna be a jam session at the funeral home. She would love to have the walls come tumblin down...hahah 

If anyone wants to speak at all during the party for Kris....whether at the funeral home or the church with stories please do so....don't be shy. Talk to either James Anthony/her brother Warren/her sister Lynne or the Rev. Terry Dance. 

Make Kris look good....and make her folks blush!!...(in her own words) Her brother Warren and Sister Lynne won't blush  - they're musicians! After the church service is over….go to church hall (same building) for luncheon…please jam again if you'd like. 

There will be no going to cemetery as Kris isn't going to be buried. She is going to be cremated and Terry is taking her home with him. 

Kris thanks you from the bottom of her heart…for what you've done to enrich her life just knowing you, laughing with you, with some crying with you. We've shared a lot of beliefs and disbelieves and we've all grown together. Some of us have even "Remembered what we've forgotten". (Kris giggled here) Kris thanks you for your support in her…in her music…in what she believed in. 

Kris has learned to love all on God's planet earth…has learned to love God's creatures as much and the same as she learned to love all of you. In other words, she loved her kitty Cleo with the same love as she loves you all! 

There are no good-byes…..just toodles. And in closing……..I love you very very much and will see you on the other side very soon.
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