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Genre & Comment
Nash The Slash
Farewell to The Bandaged One
Nash The Slash is late of Wezel's site, and this is the farewell page. RIP
Nash The Slash
Official site
Nash The Slash is a fascinating Canadian musician, who can be heard on movie soundtracks, as well as on many albums!
David Norrris-Elye
R&B, Blues, Jazz, and more
David is a talented Canadian sax player with many years of experience, and many music credits to his name. David is not only a very good songwriter, he plays a number of different instruments, and runs his own studio where he records and produces albums for himself and for others, with the help of his mascot, EQ.  email: DavidNorris-Elye
Brian Protheroe
ProgRock - Sort of
Another almost impossible-to-pigeonhole musician, who was just about impossible to find!  This web site is maintained by an avid fan, and is an excellent piece of work, with plenty of information, links and so on. There ARE CD's of his work, details at the site.
Eugene Rea
Eugene Rea is a talented musician who has been playing mandolin, pennywhistle and guitar for many years. Eugene currently resides in Southern Ontario and gigs around with Nonie Crete. In addition to his talents as a musician, Eugene is a very good sound and recording engineer.
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