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This is part of a Canadian music site, and this section is dedicated to providing music industry related links all over the world
 Music Industry/Services links

Name and URL Description

Welcome to Acoustic Traditions. We are retailers of musical instruments and hemp products.

We also offer music lessons for many instruments, catering to all age groups and levels. Other services include book / sheet music ordering, consignments, instrument appraisal, and repairs.

Alethea Records
Visit this small on-line label for great indy music.

If you are doing home recording, or semi professional recording, you should visit this site. They have tons of great music recording software, hardware and related stuff, as well as excellent links section. A very good resource page for musicians. This page is affiliated with Audio Amigo.

A Canadian music awards site where you can find out about the JUNO Awards.

Excellent U.S. music site dedicated to selling indy CDs all over the World. Very good site, full of great support for musicians.
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CMRRA stands for Canadian Musical Reproductions Rights Association.  Musicians and songwriters need to visit this site. This is where you find out about Mechanical Royalties which you need to pay if you record a cover tune.
Concepts West
A talent agency located in Reno Nevada.
Cornerstone Records
Canadian Jazz label, featuring some of Canadas best jazz musicians, including Michael Occhipinti, Mike Murley, Richard Whiteman, Barry Elmes and others of the same ilk.
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This is a UK based site of the world’s biggest CD  Re-Issue label for Vintage & Contemporary Blues, Gospel, Spirituals, Jazz, Vintage Country. If you are looking for something really obscure, this is your kind of site.

We buy, sell, trade and repair violins, saxaphones, clarinets, flutes, trumpets and other band instruments.
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Festival Distribution is a Vancouver, B.C. (Canada) based distributor that specializes in carrying indie material.  (Although from what we've seen they are pretty selective about what artists they will represent and they, like many other so-called distribution companies, do very little to promote the music.)
Hard Traveller Music
A U.S. based music publisher dedicated to the publishing of street music in the U.S. Affiliated with ASCAP
Excellent indie music site. Tons of useful info and links galore.  They also sell indy CDs.
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 Music Industry/Services links

Name and URL Description
Music Book World is a Canadian site, based in Toronto.  It carries thousands of new, used, and rare books in many styles such as jazz, blues, opera, classical, rock and world. Sheet music is available for over 30 instruments. Free, secure online ordering, and worldwide delivery.

A Canadian recording studio and short run CD pressing company, located conveniently in downtown Toronto. Excellent prices, great recording facility. 
ONYX Canada
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A Canadian based Music Promotions and Web design company catering to independent musicians all over the World.

A Canadian recording studio in the heart of rural Guelph (Ontario). Beautiful country setting, reasonable prices, great sound engineering.
Canadian on-line and mail-order distribution for indy artists.
Fantastic site for getting free blank music paper and also for purchasing sheetmusic on-line.
Songwriters Association of Canada

Here you will find information about the Songwriters Association of Canada, the only national arts service organization dedicated exclusively to Canadian composers, lyricists and songwriters.

Membership in the Association is open to any Canadian composer, lyricist or songwriter, from amateur through professional, regardless of style or genre of music.


SOCAN stands for Society of Composers, Authors And Music Publishers of Canada.  Please NOTE: We have removed the link because they gave us a hard time about it and were really rude.

Great music website. Tons of information. Lots of links, useful services and best of all, places for Musicians and bands to link up! Providing services to musicians.

A Montana based music store with a really nice web site, and very well laid out, quick to load, and lots of good info. Also see related site Riff Rats
We're the world's leading Independent Artist & Repertoire Company. As a matter of fact, we invented independent A&R more than a decade ago. Since 1992, TAXI has specialized in giving artists, bands, and songwriters real access to the people in the music business who have the power to sign deals.
Towne Music 
A Canadian recording studio located in  Missisauga, Ontario, that can help you record your next hit! Owned and operated by David Norris-Elye, musician, composer and producer. 
Turtle Shell Music
A Canadian indie music company. 

" We at Turtle Shell Music are a 'totally independent' label/publishing house. We write, record, mix and master in our own Turtle Shell Studio. We burn our own CDs and design and print our own inserts and tray cards. Though our studio is only for in-house productions, we've mastered for dozens of clients ranging from children's acts to grind-core punk bands to gospel music. We specialize in small independent orders from 1-100 units. No minimum.Order 10, sell 10, order another 10. "

E-mail: sales@turtleshellmusic.com

A U.S. based music publisher dedicated to the publishing of street music in the southern U.S. and South America. Affiliated with BMI.

Virtual Street Corner
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A U.S. based web side dedicated to promoting street music in the U.S. Affiilated with ASCAP
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This is part of a Canadian music site, and this section is dedicated to providing music industry related links
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