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Page updated January 26, 2000
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By Thomthom Geigenschrey

We hope to present reviews from Thomthom on a regular basis. At the moment - because this music section is a non-profit operation, Thomthom is kindly contributing his work to us free of charge. This is the second of his reviews and it is presented exactly as he sent it to us - untouched and un edited.  Please forward comments directly to Thomthom.
This is a concert impresson review of the impressing irish folksters Luka Bloom and Kieran Goss LUKA BLOOM/KIERAN GOSS ...

The (irish) eve of construction 

The first set on this special night in Berlins last professional alterative club Columbiafritz was dedicated to these specific silent tunes and tones with that innerflaming energy: the irish songpoet Kieran Goss sung sensitively intonated songs of his debutalbum and caught the hearts and smiles of the krautcrowd Outside: first signs of autumn and what could be more perfect for these melancholic moods, wet afternoons and nights than this kinda blue folk-feelings. A couragious sensible guy this Kieran Goss, who really warmed up -in its own words sense- for his great irish fellow Luka Bloom, charming our senses and feelings warmly and charismatically. With a silent presentation like ricepaper , sparkling of excitement, which he then finished in his sort of shy understatement kinda glamouriously with a long long emphatic version of the Four Tops-classic "Reach Out (I'll be there)". If only all Unplugged-Gigs would be like this ! To sing along to this classic refrain he motivated the audience with the amusing sentence: "In Irland in concerts like this you dont get the audience to shut up or not to sing along, in germany you dont even get them to say anything at all!" Laughter and silent singalong starts.. Reach out... Yeah...! Because how I said before what better can happen to you in such a wet weather-season than a singer-songwriter special from the foggy always rainy island ireland, "on which days without rain are the bloody exception" as some moments later the star of the quite not typical irish folk event Luka Bloom introduces one of his intensive intonated powersongs with his sympathical irish slang- "Love is a Monsoun". How true! 

Dynamically celebrated, based on and pushed only by his very own harsh and harmful voice and his special white, black or brown acoustic guitars. Guitars personally named Julie , Judie - and Cindy, spareful treated with some decent effects (phaser and chorus) and electrical amped, which is luckily common praxis since Bob Dylans electrifying betrayal to the acoustic folk-purists, as he then invented electric folk. God bless him. 

Powerful and straight forward fragile one moment and sensitive the other - comprimed emotional potential: 

Telling that " visiting india and experiencing the unbelievable intensity and vehemence of indian monsoon was the first time he would have appreciated and respected his own homeland ireland and its tiny rainy weather, "Love is a monsoon" then comes down like a waterfall or mosoonshower. And also the other shuffles and ballads like "Raspberry Time" oder "Acoustic Motorbike" held what their titles promise,announce and discribed.

If only more human beings could draw such magic , such positive energy out of strange and unpleasent circumstances and life experiences. 

A good constructive example for the most misanthropics, negative orientated postmoderns, especiallly in rezession atmosphere germany. I mean, for the first it would just be enuff to feel and act that way - you wouldnt have to write such brillant songs at once - may be later. Feeling like or being a life-artist or artist for life helps a lot dont you think, mankind??? 

Luckily Artists and personalities like Luka Bloom are not as rare in these times but rare enough. And he is such a good songwriter with well watched, good stories and written with the certain view and ability to comment and interpret things and experiences in todays worlds human menagerie. A very pointful gifted storyteller- talent with good stories and the ability to tell them and stand over them thigs sometimes and come over them and watch them- and himself and also the other little creatures -us - on earth - out of a distant view. 

The view of the selfironic witty socialworker or hobo with a grin. With an infectious offensive truthful charming way of electryfying his listeners and making them goosepimples all over their sad crampy bodies and crippled souls. He spreads around the magic and spiritualism of a captivating one-man-band. All of this with the ambition and attitude of the wise experienced teacher with a good morale ad sense of humour, who for a good preach/lesson only needs a open ear and concentration from his pupils- us. Or lets say: an enthusiastic socialworker with a strange scurril irish poets' approach and heart. 

So its working class poetry but no workingsongs but critical and romantic feel-songs, without campfire nostalghia, autobiographic diary-songs and naked touching relationship-songs, which especially in his unembarassing lovesongs rise up to adrenalin, positive rage, emphasis or just ikarus flights. And: "Rebelsongs ..Rebelsongs!" which Luka repeatly echoes one guy in the audience who penetrantly claims for more of these.. rebelsongs. Rebelsongs all of his songs would be, Luka grins. How he proved with an exciting, thrilling comprimed set of hits, classics and good unknown songs - a differentialised Best Of -Set, ending with a touching undressed cover of LL Cool J's Soul- Hip -Hop-Hit "I need Love". 

Sometimes so charismatic that you could hear the legendary needle fall on the floor. But some of the hooked audience stil can't take the concentration of silence or not to be raped and blown down by a loud amplified rockband. So some have to talk loud and noisy, while silent songmoments, which is more than disrespect and ignorance. Unpatience and the unabilty to really listen, too many people need the common entertainment-slavery-clichee-ritual. So the very silent fragile song "Gabriel" - Blooms Tribute to his own son, balancing on the edge of total honesty and self undressing ,suffers of disturbances of some silly dumbheads talking loud to their neighbours. 

So thats the proof that western society is stupidly educated to only salute to the patriarchical rules and if you are not straight and macho enough representig that - a straight hierarchy - than you have to be put down. Poor idiots poor world. 

For the real capacities of an artist is mostly shown in silent and fragile numbers and other dangerous experiments, which are not possible to take place on such ignorant basis. As other respectful artists Bloom doesnt want to be a Jukebox or Rebelhymns servant. So he breaks up the set several times and tell these guys to get back their money and leave. No question he could serve their silly unambitioned party needs with more of his Grooves and Midtemposong-Folks Elektrik- like “Furtile Rock “ where the voluminous Presence of his 3 Gitarren with fat Ovation-or 12 String-Sound would be winning in the first place. But he likes it differentialised, dynamic, not dull. So the tunes and tones in between are more important (to him). They show courage, the real me. If in R.E.M's "Everybody hurts" or as final encore the impressing Soundtracksong to “Seven years in Tibet", where he contributes his strong and pure spiritual voice only with this indian one tone-harmonium which also Velvet Undergounds Nico used in her last catching soloperformances. There it is - the true opened soulgate, the blank spirit of an charismatic inside-out- musician- without any embarassing hippie-attitude. 

TThomthom Geigenschrey 


Thomthom Geigenschrey reporting from Berlin/Germany's capital out of the: KULTURTÄTER - Büro: Postfach 420405 12064 BERLIN Fon+Fax: 030-7863491 E-Mail: kult_radio@web.de

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- Gruss TT Geigenschrey aus dem Kulturtäter-Büro für Freelance-Journalism Event&Artist-Booking +Kulturmanagement+Promotion c/o: KULTURTÄTER & GEIGENSCHREY Postfach 420405 12064 BERLIN Fon+Fax: 030-7863491 E-Mail:kult_radio@web.de