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By Thomthom Geigenschrey

We hope to present reviews from Thomthom on a regular basis. At the moment - because this music section is a non-profit operation, Thomthom is kindly contributing his work to us free of charge. This is the second of his reviews and it is presented exactly as he sent it to us - untouched and un edited.  Please forward comments directly to Thomthom.
Paul McCartesy Run Devil Run -(EMI/Parlophone) Iggy Pop -Avenue B (Virgin)  

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Oh my god..Makka goes back to his roots. 

DUCK AND COVER! Yes the heartbreakerwimp can really RocknRoll... actually we knew that, didnt we??! As in times with the Silverbeatles he croons his heart and guts out to the dear listener. Like in the best parts of Abbey Road (Oh Darling) and White Album (Birthday) and the R&B Covers of Little Richard and Berry- Numbers in these good old Starclub-days with rebelyells, leatherjackets and pomade hair. Even some of the more heartmelting not too rough falsetts are good enough to show TAFKAPrince how to do it, to do it, to do it... (listen to: Shake a Hand - a Fats Domino B -Side, Makka covers very soulful , essential and true to the heart'n'bone) Cool Cat.. or better: " ( When you are all alone in your roon whith all your regrets) little Coquette (you know I love you).." - an unknown Little Richard-number Paul only once heard on a jukebox in Hamburg. He always was - you can hear that obviously -not only in that number- a big Little Richard Fan, the CD-linernotes tell as the proof, he can be heard in Beatles at BBC letting rip on Lucille and Oh my Soul. (So now we know Makka and Prince stole their hysterical love-ecstasy shouts from Little Richard.) The only breakdown on that rollin'n'rockin' thrilling'n'kicking LP, but even that clichee rocker makes it, is Lets have a party- - a little suspicious too much young -at- heart -- -pretending in this number .. But the rest is unbelievable believable ..ageless young at heart. Sovereignty. No pretentious embarrassing like-to-be or sentimental kitsch or oldie comeback show. And strange enough: his Parlophone comrads Dave Gilmore- a blues afficionado all the way thru, if you listen closely to Pink Floyd or his soloalbums- or old hardrockworker Ian Paice from Deep Purple team up freshly and straightforward to create this rough, raw material, as if the Rolling stones or lets say the old “Rolling Stones - are- the -real- punx -and- street rocknrollers -against -the- Beatles -were - the- clean -popstars"- debate never happened. It wasnt ever true anyway. As you can hear yesterday and today. Makka rocks the place. A kinda tribute to the BEATLES roots where it all - Pop a n d Rock - came from and together (right now) A love tribute (lyrical and songselection-wise) to his beloved Linda, who loved RocknRoll as Paul says. In their begining The Beatles often played B-Sides of famous tunes to prevent the usual blamage that other bands playing with or before them, played identical songs. “Thats why John and I then started to write our own songs- to be sure no one else would play the song before. Thats how it happened. Truly! " What a luck for us! Otherwise the Beatles wouldnt ever have explored their brillant composer-talents! Only rule for the Run Devil Run- Covers was: Paul had to like them. But even in the few wellknown covers McCartney is brillant, like Elvis' All Shook Up , I got stung or Chuck Berrys Brown Eyd Handsome man. Also a selfwritten track like Run Devil Run fit perfect in the special raw mood,tis one reminding on the best of Pauls Teenie Weenie-sometimes -perfect RocknRoll-band The Wings on Band on the Run. Their best Rockn Roll pamphlet then which perfectly teamed up in my RockRoll-/Beatles-Solo-Best-ofs beside Ringos Photograph and Lennons Walls and Bridges. Already the start hits : Gene VINCENt Blue Jean Bop followed up by Larry Williams She said yeah. You see there are different ways of dealing with age and lifecrisises, also for old Rocklegends: McCartneys “GET BACK" shows him as a wild young at heart rudeboy. (Not really) in opposite to Ig - Iggy Pop who just released a silent poetical personal songwriter elder-wisemans album. But these old rockers have more in common than obvious, not only because Iggy in the middle of the record suddenly rocks his heart out in a rusty 50s stylee sharp-edged version of Shakin all over.....which could be also on Pauls LP. Common spirit - see. 

A ghost of the Beatpoetry-era is spookying thru the Iggy record. Dark existencialistical poems -kafkaesk and straight in his expressing of loneliness and speaking the truth nothing but the truth right in the face. Pure and acoustic on one hand, then mellow an smoothy jazzy with the jazz-acidstars-newcomers medeski, martin & Woods, or rough and originally rooted in rocknroll basic-spirit. So there are some pieces illuminated only by multitrack overdubbed violin-symphonic elegies, spoken word beatpoetry with tragic contents about Iggy getting older and lonely and tougher but more sensitive in the same moment. Some relaxt moments pushed with a laidback jazzgroove by the famous medeski,woods-moods , some kicked with old rocknroll spirit shakin all over and some thrill and grab you only with Iggy singing rusty over an bare acoustic guitar.. Iggy goes back to punk rocknroll and hippie-beatnik-feel in his old days. And he does it very strongly and sovereign again, very nearly too much intense a very very very personal album but ambitious, mental- and body-food for everyone, a document, statemet of a bit deeper searchin personality. Food for thought. Raw and basic , existencilistical philosophical the best and personaal Ig I ever experienced. Here some lyrics of the strong only violin-accompanied Ig-poems: 

NO SHIT It was in the winter of my fiftieth year when it hit me I was really alone And there wasnt a hell oa lot of time left every laugh ad touch I could get became more important strangely I became more bookish and my home and study meant more to me as -I considered the circumstnces of my death I wanted to find balance between Joy and Dignity On my way out Above all I didnt want to take any more shit Not from anybody 
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
IGGY POP Afraid to get close Watching the cat asleep o my pillow Afraid to get close to anyone and afraid not to -the need of all cratures to be warmed andd touched the girls who want Dads I think the writing is eating me up preventing togetherness with anyone hurting and recycling people over and over again How much longer? How much more? I held her in my arms and I didnt want to realize she was putting her life in my hands IGGY POP (contributed by Violins and Violas of David Mansfield) TT Geigenschrey 

TThomthom Geigenschrey


Thomthom Geigenschrey reporting from Berlin/Germany's capital out of the: KULTURTÄTER - Büro: Postfach 420405 12064 BERLIN Fon+Fax: 030-7863491 E-Mail: kult_radio@web.de

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