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2005 NEWS AND Thomthom's Bio 
--- BOTH un-edited ---

By Thomthom Geigenschrey

Animation of Thomthom courtesy of Jazmen of Bollerman

My style is experimental and borderless variety.

First I worked as kindergardener (that's what I did my examination in) for 6 years and parallel started writing enthusiastically for Berlin based music papers which brought me to Berlins big"Tageszeitung" TAZ.

After that to several bigger musicmags like SHARK, ME/SOUNDS a.o. and finally the Indiemag ZILLO, I was the Berlin editor for then. At the same time I also wrote for locals like Tip -magazine and later, now for 10 years for Berlins big daily "Morgenpost" .

I also worked for Radio 100, Berlins first underground radio... Beside of this I worked as freelance music-biz-supporter in many other terms: band promoter, tour booker, manager for many (inter)national artists like Paul James Berry (from the U.K.Goths The Rose of Avalanche ), a fabulous One man-Motörhead-Folkster, for bands like the fab psychedelic L.A. based Mooseheart Faith Interstellar Groove Band or The Sharing Patrol comrades of Seattle based (and Presidents of the United States friends) Young Fresh Fellows (whose guitarist is in the R.E.M. Liveband).

In 1986 I did the first Berlin livegig for Sonic Youth in legendary "Sputnik" Kino, and many concerts more for (inter)national bands in other locations, until I finally joined the now-with my help- legendary East-Berlin club, "Die INSEL" , which is located on an island in the Berlin river Spree. A strange monk tower with 3 levels, where a wide spectrum of international underground culture-mix takes place. I was the clubs' booker and promoter (two jobs and extremely underpaid ) - a hard enthusiastic, busy- idealist .. ...
In the 5 years of the "Die INSEL" I did - beside many others - concerts with: Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion, Superchunk, Yo La Tengo, Blumfeld, The Notwist, Swell, Treponem Pal, Cordelias Dad, Die Sterne Sonia Hunter, Cleaners from Venus (with XTC's David Gregory), Kiwisex (the first Live Techno act), Band of Susans, Mooseheart Faith, Smog, The Cranes, Mecca Normal, and some wonderful, legendary Kiwi-artists like Chris Kox (from Tall Dwarfs),The Cakekitchen (Graeme Jeffferies), Peter Jefferies (both from Kiwiband: This Kind of Punishment), Alistair Galbraith, Bill Direen (Kiwis Lo-Fi-pioneer), and Sandra Bell (New Zealands' PJ Harvey) - who I married 1996, when I visited New Zealand to report about the fab Kiwi Indie- label Flying Nun Records....

After leaving the INSEL I continued supporting the international music scene, searching for new challenges. Beside of this I also began exploring Avantgarde, Rock, Jazz and other playgrounds as a musician myself. After I threw my classic lessons - fed up, neurotic and bored - I played the violin with Zappa-like bands and other experimental, controversial underground acts. This brought me back to the roots of essential tunes, pop and music creation itself, and to my own style, which has - more than classical roots - a lot in common with the minimalism of Steve Reich or Glen Branca or a neighbourhood to brothers-in-minds like Nash the Slash, Faust or other international "Krauts with attitude" from: Flaming Lips to Giant Sand to Julia Cope to Sonic Youth, Tuxedomoon, Residents, Adrian Belew, Snakefinger, all the New Zealanders I mention, and some extraordinary violinists like Stephan Grapelli .......

After several main or guest-roles in bands I nowadays only play with people I like (musically and personally) and continuously with a band called "Namrellob" - Berlin's finest Kraut(s) .. And I do my totally improvised solo performances as "Thomthom Geigenschrey's Blausäurekuss" inspired by all previously mentioned and more music such as Carpenter, Hitchcock, Caspar Brötzmann (the guitar-shaman) and the Einstürzende Neubauten (I went to Kindergarden with N.U. Unruh, their machine builder and percussionist ).

Explanation/selfinterpretation of the project/band name: "TThomthom Geigenschreys Blausäurekuss (Erfahrung)"

Geigenschrey  is a scream of a violin in german language (in my case - sometimes - a violent scream)
Thomthom is one part of the drumset and is the rhythm to the violin, the melody-instrument, means: its a whole band in my full name
Blausäure is an acid called cyanide in english, a chemical, which is deadly 
Blau  Blue - is a sentimental melancholic blue(s)colour- my favourite colour
Säure acid - can burn and destroy the beauty and the beast .., the art and the trash ... thats Yin & Yang
Kuss Kiss -  can be satisfying or not.... uplifting, life-bringing or - in combination with acid or poison like in Batman's Poison Ivy impersonification - absolutely deadly - another two sides of the coin by which I am fascinated..........
TThomthom Geigenschrey's Blausäurekuss (Erfahrung) is TThomthom Geigenschreys Soloproject with open space and openmindness to guest musicians, with project character-ambitions and intentions: spontaeous and alltime ready to go for a good jam or live-performance, to appear all of a sudden everywhere, wherever he might be needed and make stands and statements; as Intro or Outro for every band/artist he likes in his openminded pool of interests. Possible appearances in all shapes and formats: as band or bigband with different, changing bandmembers or just solo alone on himself - violent violin screaming.... gentle sensitive or offensive controversial and psychedelic krautrockish at the same time.

Favorites of TT G see above,  plus:

Brian ENO, JAPAN,BILL NELSON, KING CRIMSON and esp. FRIPP and many Newzealand hometaper-Lo-Fi-geniusses like BILL DIREEN, DAVID MITCHELL ( and the 3 D's), David & Hamish Kilgour (THE CLEAN), SNAPPER, STEVEN KILROY, CHRIS KNOX THE DEAD C., HDU , MINK, CLOUDBOY, SUKA ....or the Manic Canadian NASH THE SLASH
The Length of a TTG-BSE- Solo-Performance is  between 10 and 40 Minuten......

The length of Bandsets: the same or longer unto 2/ 3 hours like all good Krautjams _

The whole (His)Story: -
Thomthom Geigenschrey - civilname:

Thomas G'schrey - threw down his 6-year classic-education as he was 15 and left mother and home to get - inspired by Glam, Kraut, Art and Progrock - into the underground.

When he was 17 and in south German boarding school (were his Over-Ego-Psycho-mother did send him as a punish for bad schoolnotes and behaviour against her) a funny Zappa fan named him Thomthom (from the classic "Tom Tom turnaround" in glamdays covered by The Sweet.) Back from boarding-school where they taught him smoking hash how to be cool, a rebel with (out) a cause, and a broad multicultural, musical taste (means - how cool it is to better listen to music like Roxy Music, King Crimson, Camel, Curved Air,Coltrane, Grapelli, Eno, Grobschnitt, Klaus Schulze, Hoelderlin and Brainticket Televison and Patti Smiththan Rolling Stones and Mike Batt -so in general how to survive with quality) he did put the "own" (german="Eigen") into the apostrophed gap of his surname. Over this inner- and outer- and programmatical name changes he found his self-definition, Identity and aims:

From now on finding real fun and ecstasy only in genetic drugs - simply and effective in his own temper and passion for good art and music. Thats the way he liked it and how he found the essential basics of the musical recepture and definition he was after.

Jamming with Jazz, Avantgarde, Experimental, Free, Noise and blues-related musicians he then developed his own style.

As time went by he played as Jam, Studio, Concert and Tour violinist with stilistical as contrary as interesting Projects and musicians like:

Bollerman ( Ex - Jazz-Fusion-Geniusses Alganon- today: Namrellob)
Kiwisex aka KX Noiz Experience (the first Live-Tekknoband ever Date: 1988!)
Vic Chestnutt and Giant Sand one of the most gifted Singer-songwriter and the best US-desertrockers after Crazy Horse)
Mooseheart Faith (the only official Psychedelic band in Syd Barret and White Noise tradition - a competent terrestrian U.F.O. delegation from L.A./USA with Ex-Angry Samoans Todd Holmer)
Günther Schickert (beside Manuel "Ashra Tempel" Göttsching Berlins best Solo-Kraut-Guitar-Tranceman )
Harry Coltello (from the semipopular first grungeband ever (in the 80's!!) 
Love & Peace and solo the german Nikki Sudden/Neil Young)
Artwork  (artrockish Sideproject of todays gothfathers Goethes Erben on tour 1997)
Sandra Bell (Newzealands' female Lo-Fi Legend), 
Suka (Newzealands hope in new Kraut and Psychedelik-spacedrifting)
Tiger hinter Gittern (Ex-V.E.B. Sehnsucht - Berlins only Elektronik- Blues&Bolan-Glam-pioneers)
Sepulcrum Mentis (Berlins Cult/Church-Sisters on CD & Tour '96)
Exedra  (Berlins best Bowie/ Bauhaus-Clones- supporting: Long Fin Killie  Berlin/96 )
Killed On X-Mas (best, psychedelic Ambient-Kraut-Core from Rostock) 
Faust  (the Krautrock legend, Tour'97)
style - afropop,rock,psychedelic and chansons

My other new band is the african-european fusion project of the multiinstrumentalist and organisator of the yearly Berlin Event >KARNEVAL DER KULTUREN< (carneval of cultures) from Senegal:
Paul James Berry (Ex-Rose Of Avalanche live and on his forthcoming CD.. 1999?)
Bill Direen (aka The Builders aka Billdireens Newzealands' genius Syd Barrett-Brother and first Lo-Fi-Legend/Pioneer live on recordrelease y and other gigs 95/96) 
The Hitmen 3 Finnlands best Punkrockband/ on CD and tour `95), Thau (Denmarks Ride on tour '95)
Christof Griese Quintett one of Berlins and international most variable and gifted talents of contemporary Jazz)
Ratibor Theater-Project Berlin
Antonin Artaud Theater Berlin  (theatre-music for expressionistical Performances),  diverse - musical soundtracks for Theater-Projects of the artschool Berlin
"Hochschule der Künste"  
Die Passagiere im Zwischendeck des Lebens (Dadapoetical children of Herbert Achternbusch and Zappa, Neue Deutsche Welle-band and Geniale Dilletantten like Der Plan) 
Der Fremde  (Strange, weird german guy inspired by Godley & Creme and NDW-talents S.Y.P.H. friend and soundalike from the so called Hamburg school 
like Blumfeld) 
 Playing support to Sonic Youth '86 / Berlin a.o gigs), plus: diverse "wake- up"
 Solo-performances on diverse occasions (Festivals and Supportoccasions) supporting acts like Kirlian Camera, Calva Y Nada, die Untoten, Veljanov, Goethes Erben, Das Ich, Tanzwut, Ooomph, Dive and others. - Livejams with Berlins Live Drum'n'Bass-Project Mulo-Nation (1998 live into Internet via Border 2000 Internetradio)  End of the Selfportrait.....

Some comments from the audience of TTG Solo gigs:

" Hey ... you took away my headache with your performance.." "Excuse me: Are you mad or...?"-- "Can I hire/book you for a show in my club.. How much do you cost?" "Very spaced out this...!" "This man just did the devils violin and electrical violint rider in the storm.!" The "One man Sonic Violin - Performance in fog and Strobolightning...was a creative outburst, a rage attack, and adventurous-violin-happening of electrical sensitivity & toughness-thunder & lightning, storm and elegies-opposites. ".

Berlin/Germany 1999
Kontakt: Thomthom Geigenschrey c/o: Kulturtäter -Büro Kulturtäter-Büro for Freelance-Journalism Event&Artist-Booking +Kulturmanagement+Promotion:
Postfach 420405 12064 BERLIN
Germany E-Mail:
Fon+Fax: 0049+030+29771825

TThomthom Geigenschrey "its better to burn out than to fade away ... "(Neil Young) " its better to tune up than to faint away....." (TT Geigenschrey)
2005 NEWS
April 3/05
ON march 19th Berlins wonderful mysterious experimental Krautband Ghetto
Raga - which I am playing with now beside my solo projects - did the
soundtrack for Stanley Kubricks "2001" movie in a 3 hours Cinema show in
Berlin EISZEIT theatre.

It was a great success this sold out concert  & film event, which was
never done before.

more infos and some music of Ghetto Raga and TT  under homepage:
Love and greetings TT Geigenschrey

Berlin in April 2005

2005 NEWS
JAN 9/05

I am just recovering from an influenza, a bad one, which my elder son Valentin Nemo brought home. (he is 1 1/2 year old and catches bad virusses sweet as he is.)
Nowadays I have 2 very nice children who are already very much attracted by a broad kind of
musical styles - what a wonder, papa tries his best.

My youngest son Milan is just half a year and loves reggae, ska and Nick Cave most.

His elder brother Nemo loves reaggae too, but also Metal, Jazz, Gothic,
Psyc hedelic, African music (like the senegalesian Kora player MESSIN CISSOKHO,
who just died while visiting and playing in Berlin),Rock, Punk, Wave and Free Jazz like John Coltrane and the vibraphonist GUNTHER HAMPEL, who personally played a 10 minute solo vibraphone piece for Nemo as we met him while the soundcheck of his last berlin concert.

I am playing more and more duets and duels or solo violin events with my black and white electric violins. And I've got myself a harley benton Electric Cello lately, which I first played at an
improvisational meeting with berlin Improband GHETTO RAGA, whose mastermind Tom Zung also cooperates with another jazz freeminder Geroff Leigh (Ex - Soft Machine). Zung then was amazed about my cello treatments (even though i never ever played one before in my life) and invited me to join the group.

After some strange and thrilling concerts all over the place he split up with the rest of the musicians (against my advices) and decided that GHETTO RAGA in future should be his open project with other interesting brothers in minds. So this project now features still the odd strange electrical violinist who calls himself TT Geigenschrey (me) and other new guests such
as Günther Schickert, the old Kraut legend from electronical pioneer days of bands and comrads like Ashra Tempel or Tangerine Dream, Harmonia, NEU! or Klaus Schulze. Schickerts Band then was SAMTVOGEL and nowadays he goes back to exactly these roots (beside a little cozy engaement with a swing saloon orchestra band which plays 20s 30s swing numbers and where Günther plays the trumpet).

Schickert plays trancing delay-guitar atmospheres and is a multi-instrumentalist like all the other GHETTO RAGA people( Tom Zunk also is one, he played with Geoff Leigh from Henry Cow).

GHETTO RAGA play electrical sets and acoustical sets which are all totally
improvised psychedelic music.

Visit also : Güntert Schickert

TT Gschreys DJ event  Homepage