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About Sea Music (Pronounced SHAY)

Sea Music is the music distribution division of ReaStudios. 

Eugene Rea is President and Founder of Sea Music. 

An unusual concept – 2 partners:-

1. Discerning music lovers who want to look beyond the “run of the mill” offerings from the “major” music stores,   and

2. Independent artists who have produced great recordings which they intend to sell directly to their live audiences intent on “taking their music” home with them.

SEA MUSIC (pronounced SHAY) compliments this relationship between artist and listener by providing an on-line catalogue to a much larger audience.

We make sure that most of the money goes directly to the artists. It's their talent and hard word that make it possible.

Sea Music can publish, copyright, distribute ..... your music. We will re-issue selected existing independent CDs by adding our catalogue number and label.  If you're about to release a new CD why not talk to us about signing with SEA Music. We will discuss full-package deals and can in most cases customize a plan to suit your needs.

So think of SEA MUSIC as the online version of the CD sales table at that last gig you really enjoyed, but please continue to get out and support live music. CD sales might buy groceries for artists, but real audiences feed their hearts and minds.

If you would like to book any of our artists please call or email and we will put you together with them or their management.

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Eugene Rea, owner of Rea Studios and President of Sea Music

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This document last modified Wednesday November 22, 2006