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We are pleased to announce that Britt Craig has a new domain called Hard TravellerMusic.com, which is now residing at HostBaby and we have postied a link to his new site, see above.

 Busy as always with his Libertarian acitivities and his own music, Britt has been checking out new areas in the U.S. where Street Music lives.
Although he has not completely given up on the street music of St. Augustine, he says that under the present (oppressive) conditions, which has the St. Augustine constabulary herding the street musicians into one specific area -  notably an area where no one goes - he has not been inspired to make any new recordings.

In other news, Britt has been enjoying modest success in selling both his CDs and his MP3s at CDBaby.
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About VirtualStreetCorner.com

VirtualStreetCorner.com  is the brainchild of Britt Craig (see Britt's bio) and was created to compliment his other endeavour, Hard Traveller Music Publishing, and to support his plan to distribute and promote online,  music from the street.

For  information contact: info@virtualstreetcorner.com

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