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About Britt Craig

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Britt Craig

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Britt photo: Catherine Dale

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Britt Craig


Britt Craig was born in Atlanta, Ga and was heavily influenced by the many ancient Black bluesmen performing on the streets of the old Deep South. 

Later he experienced the commercial folk and blues revival that occurred at about the same time that the real blues musicians disappeared from the streets. 

Mr Craig spends his life trying to carry on the tradition of good original street music.

Britt has traveled a great deal and his music reflects many other cultural influences. He is the owner of Hard Traveller Music Publishing which is devoted to finding and recording original street performers, the last of the real folk singers. Thus the name of his webpage, VirtualStreetcorner.com. Each person he sponsors is actually perfoming somewhere on some street corner.

You can experience the authentic feeling of live street corner musicians with no studio or artificial enhancement with the CD's of Hard Traveller Music. 

Britt Craig  grew up hearing Delta Bluesmen on the streetcorners, Hank Williams in the juke joints and Piano Red down in Buttermilk Bottom. His music reflects these varied influences. 

For  information contact: email: info@virtualstcorner.com

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