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Hard Traveller Music Publishing Album List

 | Freedom Wine |In The Land Of The Blind |

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About Hard Traveller Music Publishing

It is the sole purpose of Hard Traveler Music to preserve for posterity original street music that might otherwise be lost.

Some of the most famous blues artist from history spent little or no time in studios and had it not been for other street musicians their work would have died with them.  Hard Traveller Music locates and gives these street musicians an opportunity to have their music recorded and preserved for future generations of musicians. 

Each musician sponsered by Hard Traveller is actually singing and performing on some street in America, hence the name of our homepage VirtualStreetCorner.com. 

One of the reasons that Hard Traveller Music uses as their signature a plain brown CD cover is to express their desire that people buy Hard Traveler music with their "ears" and not their "eyes.

We hope to build our website so that you can sit in your home and travel to street corners all across America to hear authentic homegrown Americana, folk, country and blues. 

Hard Traveller Music is affiliated with ASCAP.

If you have a candidate in mind or would like to cover some of our songs please contact us at info@virtualstcorner.com

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For bookings and information contact: email: info@virtualstcorner.com
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